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Best cups and mugs

Cups and mugs in porcelain, clay or stoneware: where to find handicraft items that suit our tastes and our home in anticipation of Christmas? Instagram is the ideal space: here is a short guide to some of the Italian artisans (with online stores) with the most whimsical and original cups.

MV% Ceramics Design

Mariavera Chiari is an artisan with studies and backgrounds in architecture and a great passion for ceramics who at the beginning of the 2000s opened her small shop on the Navigli in Milan: everything was born from the idea of recreating disposable cups for coffee in 25 different Pantone colors. Since then, as well as in her Milanese atelier, it is also possible to buy all her works on the mv-ceramicsdesing website. And not just mugs. Also: saucers, ornaments, candle holders. All colourful.

Pietro Zanetti Home

Zanetti Home is the brand created by the meeting of Pietro’s passion for household linen and Beatrice, a lover of interior design. From their headquarters in the province of Vicenza and thanks also to a well-made e-commerce, it is very easy to find the object that is right for us: tablecloths for the kitchen, baskets for the bathroom, vases and key rings for the living room … all this deserves a particular mention the refined Bastion Collection: a collection for everyday use including very refined porcelain stoneware cups that would fit perfectly on many Target Point tables with top made in the same material.

Bifranci Ceramica

In a small street a few steps from one of the famous Bolognese arcades, Francesca Tomassini has set up her small atelier of wonders: there you can find plates, porcelain and stoneware teapots, cups, vases and clay necklaces … All created thanks to her passion for craftsmanship. Like these beautiful stoneware mugs.

Cromatica Ceramics

The beauty of Instagram is also being able to come across small artisans who – with a lot of imagination and commitment – propose new and original objects of value every day. This is certainly the case of Cromatica Ceramics, the small online shop on Instagram and Etsy [ https://www.etsy.com/it/shop/CromaticaCeramics ] where you can buy these “feline” ceramic mugs that will delight many cat lovers.

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