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Cover sheets for sofas, beds, tables, outdoors

With the arrival of summer we can’t wait to relax, go on vacation and live more lightly. Inside and outside our home. Even the furniture can help us to maintain this sense of lightness: for example, by enlivening the environment with a few covers: beautiful and suitable for many situations – both at home and on vacation..

Home sofa cover

Versatile as their name suggests, these sheets can be found in many shapes, colours, fabrics and we can use them as bedspreads, sofa covers, curtains, beach towels (!), tablecloths.
But undoubtedly the main use of this product is usually as a sofa cover. In this season we will have to pay particular attention to the type of fabric we are going to choose: we want it to be light and breathable.

Covers as tablecloths

The advantage of a cover sheet is, as we said, its versatility. That’s why it is enough to have it at hand in a drawer or inside cupboard) to take it out and cover our living table to give it a more summery colour. Or even just to set the table in the garden for an aperitif with friends. For the interior, we recommend pastel colours which are not too bright, especially suitable for adding a vintage touch.

Outdoor covers

If, on the other hand, on the terrace or in the garden we have an outdoor bench, let’s think about an all-over cloth to shield it from the heat and sun of the summer season, but also to avoid staining or dirtying it with food or liquids.

At home and on vacation

The usefulness of a cover sheet does not end here: in these hot weeks we can use it as a light bedspread just for the sake of giving an extra touch of colour to our room; or we can place it on the balcony as a shade cloth. But more than anything else, it can help us to save space in our suitcase and time when we are on vacation: let’s bring a couple with us and we will have the passe-partout solution for almost every need. It can be a beach towel when we go to the beach, a tablecloth with which to cover a table both in the living room and in the garden, a bedspread to give more character to an otherwise anonymous room.

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