The antique charm of the mirror

The origin of the mirror dates back to the sixth century BC, when Egyptians and later Etruscans had discovered how to reflect their own image.

But it is the most recent history, in our opinion, the most fascinating, when the made in Italy craftsman is affirmed in all its excellence.

We are talking about Venetian mirrors and glass.

The first production of Murano mirrors dates back to 1369. It was a very expensive process, the mirror will remain a luxury object for a long time to come. It was around 1540 that the Venetian Vincenzo Redor in Murano developed the technique of flattening the glass plates, creating a type of very clear glass (crystal) at the origin of the production of high-quality mirrors that would soon become famous throughout the world.

The process involved that some tin plates were pressed onto the surface of the glass by means of a mercury bath. The frames are often decorated with glass leaves and flowers. Thanks to the silvering process, which dates back to the mid-19th century, the history of the mirror enters the modern age: with a solution of silver nitrate, ammonia and tartaric acid, almost invisible particles of silver covered with shellac are fixed to the glass.

Keeping in mind our origins, we wanted to bring the contemporary into our mirrors. They are born like this:
PLEASURE, the ovoid shaped mirror in painted polyurethane available in three colors: white, rope, graphite
ECLIPSE, always oval, but very elegant in tempered glass
VANITY, enveloping with painted polyurethane frame

FLOWER, with a fresh floral motif in the frame
DROPS and LYNX, totally contemporary frameless

Target Point, Italian Ideas

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