bottle holder

Wine bottle holder as a piece of furniture

Which type of wine bottle-holder is right for us? Materials can be different – wood, metal, even crystal glass-, but what is most important to understand is what is best suited to our needs: a small table bottle holder, a large floor bottle holder or a whimsical wall bottle holder?


Wall bottle holder

wall bottle holder
Example of wall bottle holder

Wall-mounted wine racks are a good choice if we are both looking for a space-saving element on the wall to act as a decoration and to have some 5-10 easily available bottles of wine. Usually in metal or wood – the former are more suitable for a modern furniture and the latter for a classic one-, this type of bottle holder does not require much space available in our home: a free wall will be enough, and we will have an exhibition which will immediately stand out. Emphasis because a wall bottle holder is the best choice if we are looking for a more sophisticated furniture that can be a real décor element, and it can adapt to our furniture or our tastes: modern with vertical or horizontal development, vintage in wrought iron, on a shelf to recall a 1950s bar … There is one for every taste and every possible style of furniture.
Where to place it? The only problem with a wall bottle holder is finding a free wall and making sure it is well secured to the wall. On the wall to choose: kitchen, living room, but even corridor or entrance can be the right spaces.
Recommended combination of furniture? Wanting to emphasize an environment, we might choose a vintage bottle holder to hang in a living room furnished with Target Point Olimpia armchairs made with soft fabric and velvet-effect microfiber tone-on-tone.

Table bottle holder

Table bottle holders are excellent as small pieces of furniture, embellishing a corner of our kitchen or our living room. These are mostly small countertop bottle racks and therefore cannot be the only solution for true wine enthusiasts – usually owners of a good collection of bottles-, but this can be a good solution also for those who do not. It keeps more than 5-6 bottles, ideal for those who want to show off or keep some of the best wines at hand.
Where to place it? This type of bottle holder can be placed not only on a table but also on a kitchen counter, or on a sideboard or console.
Recommended combination of furniture? A black metal bottle holder on our ELECTA sideboard by Target Point.


Floor standing bottle holder

floor standing bottle holder
An example of floor standing bottle holder

For those who are true wine lovers and own a more than fair amount of bottles, it is better instead to move towards a floor-standing bottle rack: a real stand-alone piece of furniture that can store dozens and dozens of pieces. Also, unlike a table or wall bottle holder, we won’t have to worry about the size or weight of individual bottles, as these elements are built to be sturdy and versatile.
Where to place it? This type certainly requires a house or an apartment with sufficient space: let’s reserve a place for it in our living room or – if we have the possibility – in a cool room like a tavern.
Recommended combination of furniture? A modern bottle holder in steel and wood next to the Target Point DELTA extendable table with top in porcelain stoneware with marble effect.


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