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Love inviting friends and relatives to dinner? Or it doesn’t happen often but when you have guests you never know where to seat them? Need more space to work comfortably?

Why choose an extendable table?

Extendable table means conviviality. It means welcoming many friends and relatives around the table for a lunch together or a special occasion. It means having more space to work, study, give free rein to your passions. And it also means being able to optimize space when you don’t need to use the table.

Target Point extendable tables have frames and mechanisms which, with a few simple gestures, allow the top to be extended and accommodate up to 12/14 people (depending on the model). They are a welcoming solution and space-saving furniture. For this reason, they adapt well to both small spaces and large houses. If your house is large, an extendable model is still a more functional solution than a fixed table.

When you are alone at home with your family, you can keep the table closed. You will dine comfortably and you will be able to move around the spaces without the hassles of having a large table. When you need more space to work or study or have friends and relatives over for lunch/dinner, the table extends to become more spacious and welcoming for everyone.

Where can they be placed? Depending on your space, you can place the extendable table in the kitchen or living room. They are also perfect for dining rooms and open space environments. If you have plenty of space in the kitchen/living room, we advise you to choose a large rectangular table even 180cm-wide, which can stretch up to 3 meters.

In conclusion, evaluate well which opening mechanism of extendable tables best suits your needs and how often you will have to open the table. Let’s see together what are the mechanisms for extendable tables and their characteristics.

Semi-automatic rotating top

The world of furniture design creates new solutions and new shapes, thanks to the creativity of the technicians. We can therefore also find extendable tables with particular openings, different from the classic ones we already know.

One of these is the spectacular opening with a semi-automatic rotating top, which we use for tables with a central base and a barrel-shaped or round top in porcelain stoneware or tempered glass.

This innovative system, as spectacular as it is functional, allows for extensions in the same material as the top, which remain hidden under the top when the table is closed, preserving its design and lines.

Opening is easy and intuitive: with a simple movement of the hand, the central top rotates on itself, activating a mechanism that brings out the extensions on both short sides. The table thus goes from a length of 130 cm to 2 meters, or from 160 to 240 cm.

Thanks to the locking pin of the mechanism, the table is always safe and stable both when closed and open.

Amaze your guests with a sensational piece of furniture: this opening method is so particular that everyone will be amazed!

Butterfly opening

The “butterfly” or “book” extension system is typical of square tables, but we can also find it in rectangular or round tables.

The table top divides into two halves, revealing an extension placed inside the structure and folded back on itself. The extension opens like a book, reaching the width of the top and thus increasing the original dimensions.

This mechanism is one of the fastest and most immediate extension systems.

We use this system on round tables, such as the Aiace table with central butterfly leaf, which when closed has a diameter of 120 cm and when opened reaches 180 cm.

For larger tables we use the system of side butterfly extensions, which allow the table to be extended independently on one or both sides. This is the case of the Asterion table, which goes from 180 cm up to 280 cm. The depth remains 90 cm.

Opening with symmetrical side extensions

The opening system with symmetric side leaves is typical of rectangular tables, but we also use it for barrel-shaped tops.

These tables have a top made up of a single seamless surface: the extensions, with widths varying from 30 to 50 cm each, are fixed under the top on the short sides and can be extracted independently of each other.

This allows you to extend the table flexibly, depending on your needs.

For example, Marte extendable table thanks to the two side extensions can extend from 160 to 240 cm or from 180 to 270 cm.

Opening with removable extensions

The extension mechanism with telescopic opening and extractable leaves is typical of rectangular tables, but we can also find it in other types of tables.

They have a top with a single seamless surface. The extensions vary in size and shape depending on the model.

They are manually extracted from inside the table structure after having extended the table legs thanks to the telescopic system.

Usually, the extensions are made of laminate or lacquered MDF, to be comfortable, light and resistant for manual use.

For example, the Saturno table, with a modern and elegant design, uses this system so that the extension leaves are not visible when the table is closed, preserving the clean lines of the design. In the larger version, the telescopic extension system allows it to reach a length of 240 cm to accommodate up to 10 people.

Our Ettore super extendable table, on the other hand, with this system goes from 160 cm up to 3 meters!

Side sliding extension

The mechanism with lateral sliding leaf is typical of rectangular tables, but we can also find it in other types of tables.

They have a top with a single seamless surface. The extensions vary in size and shape depending on the model and are fixed to a track inside the structure of the top.

In the case of the Enea table, the side scrolling leaf is revealed after having extended the table legs thanks to the telescopic system, it is slid outwards and then turned on itself to be put into position.

In the Sigma table with barrel-shaped top, on the other hand, the side scrolling leaves are located inside drawers positioned on the short sides of the table. The extensions are independent of each other and are revealed by opening the drawers. Then they are slid out and turned around to be put into position.

This system allows the extension leaves to not be visible when the table is closed, preserving its line and design.

The extensions are shaped so that the barrel shape of the top remains the same even when the table is fully extended, reaching a length of 260 cm to comfortably accommodate up to 10 people.

Choose the perfect extendable table for you: try our search filter to browse through our extendable table models!

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