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The Living Area

Are you looking for ideas for your living room with an elegant and functional design according to the style of your home?

Want to create your personal corner with furniture that reflects your creativity?

We are convinced that a home needs harmony to be welcoming. This is the reason that leads us to think of the living area as a set of coordinated elements, giving life to something unique.

Target Point furniture is the perfect meeting of design and functionality, created to enhance any environment.

Whether they are round, barrel-shaped or rectangular, made of stoneware, laminate or glass, all our tables can be coordinated with chairs, stools, armchairs and sideboards. The living area by Target Point is then enriched also thanks to our exclusive accessories such as coffee tables, consoles and mirrors. Nothing is left to chance. Nothing is out of place.

We search for the latest materials to give you the best.

Porcelain gres stoneware

It is an extremely resistant and hygienic material with elegant aesthetics due to its vitrified surface which makes it water-repellent and with high mechanical strength characteristics.

Besides the rough stone-effect Graphite finish, our collections feature elegant porcelain gres stoneware finishes both with shiny marble effects and opaque marble effects, with tones ranging from the enveloping warmth of Alabaster, Calacatta and Emperador marbles to the fresh tones of Arabesque, Carrara and Fiordibosco marbles.

The recent addition of porcelain stoneware tops of larger dimensions also led to an increase in the thickness of the tops. In this way, the resistance to shocks, scratches and heat of this material that had already shown extraordinary solidity has been further increased, too.

Glossy porcelain gres:

Matt porcelain gres:

Latest-generation laminates

Target Point products are made with latest-generation laminates that are almost impossible to distinguish from true solid wood, as they are made with a manufacturing process that allows to print on the panel the exact depth and direction of the wood vein, to live all the visual and tactile experience of the finest wood. More than wood-effect, we also propose laminates with industrial effects and contemporary taste that recreate the effect of metal.

In our collections you can choose between the wood effects finishes Country, Country White, Beaver and Desert, the brushed effects available in Clay and Volcano, or the metal-effect in Lead, Bronze and Silver versions.

Wood-effect laminate:

Metal-effect laminate:

Brushed laminate:


High Pressure Laminate is a material of excellent quality due to its functional and aesthetic potential.

Its characteristics of resistance to wear and steam, hygiene and versatility in cutting and assembly, make it the ideal material for daily use and it is the perfect solution when it is necessary to combine resistance and design.


Tempered glass

An element that captures and reflects light, and which is solid, resistant and safe. Used to give relevance to the environment thanks to transparencies, it gives an allure of timeless elegance.



Veneered wood tops are made with a very resistant pressed chipboard (MDF) core, covered with a high-quality real wood sheet. These tops are a real alternative to solid wood tables as they are the same to the eye and to the touch, but are cheaper.

Veneered wood:

Lacquered wood:


Painted or chromed, metal is a light and resistant material with a contemporary look that can perfectly fit in all contexts, from the most elegant to the most industrial. Target Point products rest on solid structures designed to meet the needs related to safety and stability, and to the aesthetics of design. We have recently introduced new finishes for metals: Brushed Silver – perfectly matching Arabesque marble-effect stoneware tops-, Bronze and Earth – perfect in combination with Alabaster and Emperador marbles.

Painted metal:

Decorated metal:


Lightweight and solid, aluminium tables are stable and durable. This element is mainly used in extendable tables, thanks to the greater rigidity compared to other materials when the table in the position of maximum extension.


Furniture can get the shape you want, even those you thought were impossible. The processing in structural rigid polyurethane foam allows the creation of unique overprints on a metal core, so to make the table and your furniture elements of high design.



Modern, transparent, very light, flexible and definitely pop.



Very versatile plastic material that allows you to create design seats while ensuring the combination of aesthetics and comfort.



The cover that you will never stop caressing and that recalls the warmth of the past years in its Vintage version. Resistant, economical and easy to clean.


Vintage Soft-Touch:

Velvet effect microfiber

The material that does not admit colour limits, versatile and easy to maintain.


Characteristics that make an element just irreplaceable.

45° edging

The 45° edging gives elegance and functionality to your furniture, permitting to visually decrease thickness of laminate materials and open drawers and doors without the need of unesthetic handles. Attention to detail for those who not only want to furnish, but also beautify and enhance their home with unique pieces.

Full-extension drawers

An invaluable aid for comfortably find any object inside the drawers: telescopic sliding guides permit the total extraction of drawers. Furthermore, the relented closing guarantees protection from wear and a practical and silent closing.

Aesthetics and functionality

Live your furniture by taking advantage of all its internal space. The use of high-quality hinges in combination with 45° edging allows the door opening up to 165°, for an elegant effect in a unique design piece of furniture.


Top shape:

Push & Pull

The practical push & pull system for drawers and doors allows the opening just with the pressure of a hand: no more uncomfortable and unesthetic handles.

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