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The Sleeping Area

The sleeping area is the most intimate and personal place in the house.

This is the reason why we pay special attention to it.

We studied new models of beds to make rest time even more comfortable and we developed elements which can be combined in order to create a harmonious, elegant and valuable environment. This is how night should be!

In addition to the beds, featuring an elegant design and new materials such as the completely removable velvet-effect microfiber cover, we have included some other pluses to make daily management easier, such as the optional 12cm-feet, the reading lights and the footboard LED light.

The beds can be perfectly coordinated with bedside tables, armchairs and poufs, designed as a complement to the bedroom. You will definitely feel relaxed according to your taste.

We search for the latest materials to give you the best.

Velvet effect microfiber

The material that does not admit colour limits, versatile and easy to maintain, used in combination with fabric tone-on-tone.



The cover that you will never stop caressing and that recalls the warmth of the past years in its Vintage version. Resistant, economical and easy to clean.


Vintage Soft-Touch:

Porcelain gres stoneware

It is an extremely resistant and hygienic material with elegant aesthetics due to its vitrified surface which makes it water-repellent and with high mechanical strength characteristics.

Besides the rough stone-effect Graphite finish, our collections feature elegant porcelain gres stoneware finishes both with shiny marble effects and opaque marble effects, with tones ranging from the enveloping warmth of Alabaster, Calacatta and Emperador marbles to the fresh tones of Arabesque, Carrara and Fiordibosco marbles.

Tempered glass

An element that captures and reflects light, and which is solid, resistant and safe. Used to give relevance to the environment thanks to transparencies, it gives an allure of timeless elegance.


Painted or chromed, metal is a light and resistant material with a contemporary look that can perfectly fit in all contexts, from the most elegant to the most industrial. Target Point products rest on solid structures designed to meet the needs related to safety and stability, and to the aesthetics of design. We have recently introduced new finishes for metals: Brushed Silver – perfectly matching Arabesque marble-effect stoneware tops-, Bronze and Earth – perfect in combination with Alabaster and Emperador marbles.


Furniture can get the shape you want, even those you thought were impossible. The processing in structural rigid polyurethane foam allows the creation of unique overprints on a metal core, so to make the table and your furniture elements of high design.

Characteristics that make an element just irreplaceable.

Raised feet

Our beds are available both with low footboard and in the version with casing container, the latter is also available with optional higher feet to raise the bed by 12 cm, and allow cleaning in a practical and fast way.

Easy Lift

The emblem of balance between aesthetics and functionality, with a simple and elegant solution.

Beds with casing storage containers may have the optional EASY-LIFT system, the mechanism that allows you to raise the mattress and make the bed very easily without bending. The mattress remains inside the perimeter of the bed, without protruding from the side of the footboard, in this way the bed makeover is practical and fast even in a small room.

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Unique patents

ROMA is a modern bed designed and studied for those who love relax: it is sufficient to activate the patented system with a single movement to move the side armrest, the lumbar support and the headrest. By doing this, you can comfortably read, watch television, or simply use the armrest to place something while always maintaining a comfortable position.

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